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Monday, 28 November 2011

Aishwarya Danush's success envies Soundarya Ashwin?

It seems Soundarya Ashwin, wares daughter of Rajini is discompose over the enthusiastic success of her grownup missy - Aishwarya Danush's directional pretend '3'When the pic '3' started having Aishwarya Danush as its musician, Danush as its hero, everyone mat that Aishwarya is action that job conscionable because of her money country and the phratry person funding - Rajini being the dysphemism and Danush - the caretaker artificer of Kollywood. But, the lecturing and cerebration of Kollywood has exchanged a lot after the caretaker hit 'Kolaveri' song got free.Though it is said that, Dansuh penned the lyrics for Kolaveri strain, it was actually Aishwarya who corroborated him in writting the song.'Why this Kola-veri' is making Rajini's girl soul bright, piece Soundarya Ashwing is into rancor The bitterness of Soundarya has hold Soundarya as the musician for the film, spell KS Ravikumar gift be the filmmaker for it... can't understand? KS Ravikumar instrument do the very administrator job, but Soundarya's appoint will be displayed as manager.

Friday, 25 November 2011

I have never imagined to marry an actress Jai

Anjali has acted with me in a movie and then I met that same girl in an audio launch. Only media created a news that we both are in love said Jai  Few weeks before this same Jai, gave treat to all reporters to publish a news that Anjali is in love with him.As Anjali has arrogantly denied all such news, through her strong PRO network, with no other option, Jai has said today that "I will marry a girl who my parents point to me.  I am not in search of a girl and even in my dreams, I have never imagined an actress as my life partner."To continue his statement on Anjali and to close that chapter, Jai said "That Anjali acted with me in just one movie.  I never approched that girl to act again in other projects of mine.  I think, I met that girl again in one of the movie's audio"

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rajini's new project Kochadiyaan

After Enthiran (ROBOT),  Super star Rajinikanth’s next release would be a HI-TECH 3 D film titled “KOCHADAIYAAN”.This is the first time that a 3D film with Performance capturing technology is being produced in India.It is worth mentioning that all time Box office Hit “AVATAR” Directed by James Cameron and the latest sensation creating new records “The Adventures of TIN TIN “Directed by Steven Spielberg have been produced with the same performance capturing technology, in Hollywood.K.S.Ravikumar has written the story, Screenplay, Dialogue and is doing the Direction supervision for “Kochadaiyaan”.The film is directed by Soundarya Ashwin Rajinikanth.The film is produced by Eros International and Media one Global entertainment Limited. The work is progressing in a fast pace and is scheduled for release in next year.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Simbhu name makes  new energy to Kollywood  He does things in a very special way and his movie titles too make others to look at him.His new movie title is 'Madaiyan', though it is not officially confirmed, there is a lot of talk about the movie title itself.Ganesh, who has worked in few movies of Simbhu as Asst Director, used to be always seen along with Simbhu.  This Ganesh, with a proposal of becoming a director having Simbhu in the lead role has approached Simbhu with this title for his story.Ganesh has managed to get a producer for his story.  If Simbhu says 'OK' then the movie will immediately start its production work.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mugamoodi shooting starts soon

In this film, Jiiva will play the role of a super hero, which means he is all set to become Tamil cinema's first super hero. Veteran actor Nageswarra Rao and Prakash Raj will also play prominent roles in the film. Mugamoodi will be the first super hero movie for UTV in Tamil.Narain,  will play as the villain. Narain and Jiiva recently join  special martial arts training with experts flown in from China. Pooja Hegde will play the role of a journalist and K aka Krishnakumar will compose music for the film. Sathya will take care of camera while Gagin is the editor.The film is expected to grace theatres in 2012.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Some thing is there between Trisha and Simbhu?

Simbhu and Trisha have already done two movies together - the first one - Alai, when both are new to Kollywood, while the second 'Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya' - after both of them are matured actors.
Now, Simbhu and Trisha are proposing..... for another movie together
While Simbhu has said that "I always love to be with Trisha and if there is a movie having Trisha as my pair, I will be very happy to do it"Trisha on her part commented "For me Simbhu is very special.  Chemistry between me and Simbhu works out at its best.  Many of my close people comment that I should have a person like Simbhu even in my personal life as pair!"but one thing, Simbhu is younger than Trisha.

Tapasee looking for a simple register marriage

Veluththa bannu - sorry ponnu, is going get married soon, and she is in search for a suitable broad minded guy!
She prefers not to have a grand wedding.  For her it should be in a registrar's office with very few selected people to wish her on the occassion.Tapasee spoke  about her marriage plans, the qualities for her would be and when her marriag will happen she is sayin theat "I have a vision and dream.  Though my wedding will not happen for now, I have dreamed about my life partner. First thing, my marriage should be very very simple.  If possible, it should be done in register office.  I have listed out the statutory qualities of my wouldbe.  If I come across a guy with the qualities that I search for, for sure I will settle with him"

Friday, 18 November 2011

Director Vasanth got a producer

Director Vasanth has made some commendable movies in the past and it is still ennobled as the best classical works.But then after the release of ‘Sattham Podathey’, he didn’t show up as the producers didn’t wish to produce his movies fearing for the losses. Finally he has found the producer from UTV Motion Pictures.
The director will be making his upcoming movie ‘Moonu Per Moonu Kadhal’. The film will have Action King Arjun, Cheran and Mirchi Shiva in lead roles.  It is heard that Priyamani might be doing the lead role in this movie, but nothing has been confirmed till the date.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Asin follows Nayan to get a wealthy Boy Friend

While Nayan changes boy friend on her choice and men were there to line up to get an opportunity to be her boy friend, the case of Asin is too sad.
South Indian actress Asin is flying high with successful colors that is not confined to Southern boundaries, but across the areas of Bollywood as well. The actress says that she started her profession of modeling at the age of 14. From then on, there wasn’t enough time for her to fall in love.
The actress openly admits that right now she doesn’t have any boyfriends nor she can fall in love with any co-stars of her age as they are married.
The actress on speaking about the recent luxury apartment in Cochin, she says that it was all for the sake of pride that she owns it.
The actress was recently herein Chennai, but had left back to Mumbai due to her hectic shooting schedules.
She had Vijay, for moving to Mumbai, she missed him and went with Salman Khan, where due to competition for him, she was out.

Velayutham - Vibrant Vijay in good action film

The most anticipated of film of year’s releases Vijay’s Velayutham has been ruling the deep south Indian region with its spectacular entertainment and lovely performances by the stars, This show,Velayudam is yet another meaty milestone movie for the actor as the flick has set the ideal theme for his political avatar! His versatile body language as ordinary milkman and as an attentive approves that the actor has matured to the next level. Hansika is awesome with her cute bubbly acting. Santhanam’s spontaneous comedy is key highlight of the film. Lovely girl Saranya Mohan also does a soft role in the film. Shayaji Shinde arrives as villain and brilliantly played like asristocrat. A star cast lining up in the film including M S Baskar, Sathyan, Ilavarasu, Vincent Ashokan and Raaghav does little job ver well.Music by Vijay Antony is awesome. His songs are already clibing on the charts. The song are massive hits. For the first time a lot of Graphics has been used for a Vijay film, and looks Okey.  this has well crafted an original action film. All in all, ‘Velayudham’ is a fine action film that is going to see Vijay to turn out a victorious at the box office

Ajith to act in Kamal's Indian - Part 2

Ajith is currently acting in Billa 2. There is also news that he will be acting in Indian 2 produced by A M Rathinam. Now there is also a news that Ajith might do the lead role in the film Basha 2. Basha is a super duper hit film which had super star Rajnikanth in the lead role. Now a leading production house is taking steps to produce Basha 2.

Since Rajni will be busy in Raana, he will not be in a position to act in Basha 2. So the production house will be approaching Ajith for Basha 2. It is expected that the work connected with Basha 2 will commence soon.
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