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Friday, 25 November 2011

I have never imagined to marry an actress Jai

Anjali has acted with me in a movie and then I met that same girl in an audio launch. Only media created a news that we both are in love said Jai  Few weeks before this same Jai, gave treat to all reporters to publish a news that Anjali is in love with him.As Anjali has arrogantly denied all such news, through her strong PRO network, with no other option, Jai has said today that "I will marry a girl who my parents point to me.  I am not in search of a girl and even in my dreams, I have never imagined an actress as my life partner."To continue his statement on Anjali and to close that chapter, Jai said "That Anjali acted with me in just one movie.  I never approched that girl to act again in other projects of mine.  I think, I met that girl again in one of the movie's audio"


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