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Monday, 28 November 2011

Aishwarya Danush's success envies Soundarya Ashwin?

It seems Soundarya Ashwin, wares daughter of Rajini is discompose over the enthusiastic success of her grownup missy - Aishwarya Danush's directional pretend '3'When the pic '3' started having Aishwarya Danush as its musician, Danush as its hero, everyone mat that Aishwarya is action that job conscionable because of her money country and the phratry person funding - Rajini being the dysphemism and Danush - the caretaker artificer of Kollywood. But, the lecturing and cerebration of Kollywood has exchanged a lot after the caretaker hit 'Kolaveri' song got free.Though it is said that, Dansuh penned the lyrics for Kolaveri strain, it was actually Aishwarya who corroborated him in writting the song.'Why this Kola-veri' is making Rajini's girl soul bright, piece Soundarya Ashwing is into rancor The bitterness of Soundarya has hold Soundarya as the musician for the film, spell KS Ravikumar gift be the filmmaker for it... can't understand? KS Ravikumar instrument do the very administrator job, but Soundarya's appoint will be displayed as manager.


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