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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Asin follows Nayan to get a wealthy Boy Friend

While Nayan changes boy friend on her choice and men were there to line up to get an opportunity to be her boy friend, the case of Asin is too sad.
South Indian actress Asin is flying high with successful colors that is not confined to Southern boundaries, but across the areas of Bollywood as well. The actress says that she started her profession of modeling at the age of 14. From then on, there wasn’t enough time for her to fall in love.
The actress openly admits that right now she doesn’t have any boyfriends nor she can fall in love with any co-stars of her age as they are married.
The actress on speaking about the recent luxury apartment in Cochin, she says that it was all for the sake of pride that she owns it.
The actress was recently herein Chennai, but had left back to Mumbai due to her hectic shooting schedules.
She had Vijay, for moving to Mumbai, she missed him and went with Salman Khan, where due to competition for him, she was out.

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